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The only person standing in the way of her and sexual slavery is you.

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  • 2458Active members till now
  • 200AIDS orphans supported
  • 160Children of vulnerable members supported
  • 600Sex workers successfully rehabilitated
  • 14 is not the age to hold your baby.

    Lydia, 14

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  • From HIV + to being just positive.

    Rosaline, 47

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  • She discriminated against HIV. Until she had HIV.

    Grace, 42

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  • What’s tougher than being HIV+? Hiding it from your clients.

    Sarah, 20

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  • Orphaned by HIV. Rescued by HIV.

    Jane, 42

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Our mission is to turn sex workers into independent, hard working women.

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From victims to victors

Our multi-pronged approach has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of sex workers.

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